Exede Internet Customer Agreement Form

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide you with affordable, reliable high-speed Internet access. We look forward to you becoming a new customer.

Customer Agreement

This Agreement describes the terms and conditions between you and Ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation (“OECC,” “Us” or “We”) applicable to WildBlue’s service (the “Service”). Please read this Agreement carefully since it contains important contract rights and obligations between you and OECC, as well as important limitations on those rights. If you would like to contact us, you may call 877-252-4538 or write to:

Ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation
PO Box 877
Camden, AR 71711-0877
Attn: Internet Department

Minimum Service Commitment. All OECC Services require subscribers to commit to a 24-month minimum service term (“Minimum Service Term”), unless a different term is stated for your plan in this Agreement. If you upgrade from your current Service plan using SurfBeam-1 equipment (the “Original Plans”) to the New Broadband Plans (“New Broadband Plans” means any plan offered as of December 5, 2011 using SurfBeam-2 equipment), you must commit to a new 24-month Minimum Service Term beginning on the date your new Service is activated. If you terminate Service prior to the expiration of the Minimum Service Term, you will owe (and your credit card, debit card, or bank account may be charged) the Termination Fee as described below. You may not downgrade your Service plan to a lower Service package until 30 days after activation of your WildBlue Service. 

Term and Renewal. The term of this Agreement commences on the date your Service is activated and continues for the duration of the Minimum Service Term unless terminated earlier by you or OECC in accordance with this Agreement. After the Minimum Service Term expires, the term of this Agreement will automatically renew on a month-to-month basis, unless you have agreed to a new Minimum Service Term under a program offered by OECC (“Renewal Program Term”). 

Equipment. New customers must lease the equipment designated by OECC in order to receive service.

Data Allowance Policy (formerly known as the Fair Access Policy or FAP).The WildBlue Service is subject to data usage limits which are described in the Data Allowance Policy for your Service plan. If you exceed your data usage limits, WildBlue may severely slow, restrict, and/or suspend your Service or certain uses of your Service for a period of time. The data usage limits for WildBlue’s Service plans are: 

Original Plans   Value Pak
Select Pak
Pro Pak
Measured on a 30-day rolling basis Upload Threshold (MB) 
2,300 3,000 5,000
  Download Threshold (MB) 7,500 12,000 17,000


New Broadband Plans   Basic Prime Premium
Measured over a fixed monthly period Data Allowance (GB) 
(Combined Upload and Download)
10 15 25

If you did not READ Sections 1 through 8 of this Agreement, download and read the 
Terms and Conditions/Lease Addendum, and the Data Allowance Policy, DO NOT SIGN THIS AGREEMENT.

Customer Information

Authorized Signer Information

(if Customer is not present at Installation)

By signature I affirm that the Customer has authorized me to establish an account in the Customer's name.


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